Cocktails, mocktails and more!

Be among the first to experience how Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice Mixers will transform your favorite spirits into incredibly delicious and original cocktails and mocktails and more. 



HPP - Never Heat Pasteurized

100% Estate Grown

Save Time & Labor

Cold-Pressed & Cold-Filtered

Endless Possibilities

Create a totally new flavor experience from an old favorite.

No matter how you mix it, the sweet and natural flavor of Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice makes the average cocktail taste extraordinary. Try it with your favorite drink or use it to create something totally new. 

  • Enjoy over ice
  • Add a splash of sparkling water
  • Mix with your favorite spirit
  • Develop delicious cocktail
  • Mix with your morning smoothie
  • Try it with your favorite recipes
  • And more...


Whether it’s our original juice or one of our other juices, Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice can take any recipe to the next level. Pair it with any of your favorite drinks or foods and watch its taste come to life.