| High-Pressure Pasteurization |

Envision yourself on a Sunday morning at the little, out of the way place that serves a brunch most places could only hope to. The server offers up the day’s specials. Her list includes a couple of options for your favorite morning cocktail – a mimosa. One is made with ordinary orange juice poured from a bottle while the other is crafted with juice freshly squeezed from perfectly ripened Florida oranges. There’s really no choice now, is there?

That’s the way we feel about Alma Grown - it’s always the obvious choice. Our Louisiana Cane Juice is sure to leave you and your taste buds wanting more. The secret that allows the naturally fresh and vibrant flavors to shine like a glorious sunset is actually no secret at all. It’s simply High Pressure Processing (HPP), or cold pasteurization.

Most juices on the market today are pasteurized with heat, a process that ultimately destroys much of the desirable flavor qualities and nutritional benefits. Other ingredients are then added to compensate for what the heat takes away.

Our natural HPP process, on the other hand, uses extreme pressure to neutralize foodborne pathogens. This eliminates the need to add preservatives or artificial flavors and, most importantly, allows us to retain the freshness, flavor and natural nutrients of our plant-based juices.

So, let’s end like we started. Which drink would you choose? We think we know the answer. Try a drink made with cold pasteurization or HPP to see if you can taste the difference. Let us know what you think!