| History behind Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice |

How sugarcane juice production came to Louisiana

David Stewart, owner and grower of Alma Grown, has been drawn to his family’s sugarcane fields since childhood. For years, Stewart looked forward to late afternoons sitting on his front porch and taking in the natural beauty of the century old oaks that shade his home on Alma Estate. This sugarcane estate has been part of his family lineage for multiple generations, and now Stewart is creating a new product.

Louisiana’s tropical climate and fertile soil provide the perfect environment to grow sugarcane in abundance. The mighty sugarcane plant has been an integral part in the South Louisiana economy and culture for more than 200 years.

Stewart worked in the sugarcane fields during his free time, and soon began to imagine what his passion for sugarcane could produce. After becoming CEO of Alma Estate at age 26, he was driven to discover new ways to use his abundant sugarcane crop.

After decades of immersing himself in the sugarcane fields he found different ways to use the crops and wanted to share his passion. After debating what product would be best to debut, he decided to make a refreshing, cold-pressed sugarcane juice straight from the field. Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice is as unique as our Louisiana culture and we are excited to share this new product. Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice can be found in multiple flavors such as: Lime & Mint, Strawberry, Lime & Ginger, Lime, Pineapple & Jalapeño, and Original. 

Advances in technology like cold pressing and high-pressure pasteurization have made it possible to bottle juices through a process that preserves nature’s intrinsic benefits. Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice consists of Louisiana sugarcane in its purest form paired with natural ingredients.

Alma Grown can be used as a mixer or as a healthier replacement for simple syrup in cocktails. 

Stewart especially enjoys making mojitos with the Lime & Mint flavor.

“The fresh cane juice elevates the flavor of the mojitos to a level you have to taste to understand,” said Stewart. “It pairs perfectly with the mint and, I always tell people, ‘once you’ve had one of my mojitos, you’ll never want one without fresh cane juice.’”

“Sugarcane is one of the oldest crops in the world,” says Stewart. “It’s one of the few plants that has the ability to produce energy and store it. That’s what makes it sweet,” he added.

“I know people will feel the same way about Alma Grown Juices and Mixers as I do, because this was how sweetness was meant to be from the very beginning."