Frequently Asked Questions

  • Alma Grown, a family-owned business, was founded in 2016 and launched on the Alma Sugarcane Estate along the fertile banks of the Mississippi River in South Louisiana. The Alma Sugarcane Estate itself has been owned and operated by the same family since 1859.

  • Unlike beverages typically associated with added sugar, Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juices and Mixers have natural sugar. In its natural form, sugar is a vital part of the body’s metabolism and a carbohydrate we cannot live without. Sugar provides energy to power our daily activities. While enjoying a tasty and natural alternative to your daily beverage, you also take in the natural sugars your body needs.

  • It is 100% natural. Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juices and Mixers start with pure sugarcane grown and cold-pressed on our own estate. From there, we use only fresh-squeezed, natural fruit and vegetable juices to create our delicious juices and mixers for consumers who want better alternatives to high-calorie drinks full of processed synthetic ingredients not found in nature.

  • Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juice and Mixers are currently in production. Coming soon in early 2018

  • All of Alma Grown sugarcane ripens naturally without the use of any artificial ripeners. The sugarcane used in Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juices and Mixers is crushed on the Alma Sugarcane Estate where the mill is virtually self-sustaining. 90% of the steam and electricity is generated through the use of bagasse, a natural sugarcane by-product. Sugarcane has a low carbon footprint in comparison to other products. 

  • 100% of the sugarcane used for Alma Grown Louisiana Cane Juices and Mixers is grown, harvested, and crushed here on the Alma Sugarcane estate the same day it’s cut.

  • We use non-GMO citric acid, certified by the Non-GMO Project, to lower the pH in all of our products. We do it for food safety reasons. For you food science buffs, we lower the pH to a safe level in order to meet FDA guidelines.