Driven by the Sun

About Cane

Sugars produced by the combination of sunlight and water provide energy to power all of life. While enjoying a tasty and natural alternative to your daily beverage, you also take in the natural sugars and fiber nature intended you to have allowing you to enjoy nature's benefits.

Bottle of Alma Juice vs. Generic Can of Soda

Alma Grown vs Sugar-Added, Artificially Flavored Drinks & Mixers

Unlike sodas or other mixers laden with added processed sugar, all Alma Grown products are naturally sweet and give you energy to live your day to the fullest. Our sugarcane juice is 100% natural, nutrient-rich and high in phytocompounds. In other words, it not only tastes great, it’s great for you. Sugar is the energy of life


Alma’s mill is virtually self-sustaining, operating almost entirely with power generated through the use of sugarcane’s natural by-products.

90% of the bagasse, or fiber left over from the crushing, is used to produce the steam to power the mills for crushing and the boiling of the juices.

Has a low carbon footprint in comparison to other products.

Soil that has been filtered out of the juice is mixed with the fine bagasse. The combination of the two materials is vacuum-filtered and returned to the land annually.