Our Story

Commitment, Pride, Heritage

David Stewart fell in love with the land of his Louisiana home at an early age. Nutrient-rich silt deposited over centuries made it perfect for sugarcane to flourish. His attention was always drawn back to the fields of Alma, the sugarcane farm that had been part of his family lineage for multiple generations. 

While the land was surely David’s first love, its resilience and historic connection to sugarcane were a close second. He learned sugarcane, a crop brought to the state from the Caribbean, had already been an integral part of the South Louisiana economy and culture for more than 200 years. The state’s tropical climate and fertile soil were uniquely suited to produce the crop in abundance. 

As a teenager, David would spend his free time working as a laborer weeding the fields, tending the soil, and learning his craft from what he calls the University of Alma — it was, after all, his legacy. His passion for the land and all that it could produce became his motivation to prosper as Alma’s CEO, a position he took at age 26. Three decades later, the rich soil that feeds David’s soul, as well as his sugarcane crops, has continuously produced higher and higher yields. Under his care, Alma has ascended to one of the top sugar mills in Louisiana. 

As a caretaker, David is driven to do even more with the natural resources with which Alma is blessed. With that in mind, he created Alma Grown, a brand that harnesses nutrient-rich Louisiana sugarcane in its purest form paired with natural ingredients. Today, Alma Grown features a suite of emerging products grown out of a commitment to quality and the land from which it is harvested.